Xaos Publishing is a gaming company, based out of Portland Oregon, that started in 2011. We are newcomers to the corporate world but we definitely have experience in the gaming industry! We have been designing, play testing, and freelance writing for over 8 years. Also we have been playing pen and paper RPG games, of all types, for a combined total of over 25 years.
We are building next generation games that are more about creating a cinematic and immersive experience, than about rolling dice and doing math to build “the best” character possible. Also we are dedicating ourselves: mind, body, and soul to visiting the genres and settings, that for some reason seem to get no love in the pen and paper world.
This year you officially launched first of our games that will use the “Xaos” system, Mechanika: Empires of Blood & Steam. We feel this is the first true steampunk pen and paper RPG built from the ground up. A game that embraces both the time period and completely open ended character building. Over the coming months we will be releasing numerous source books and serials (our version of adventures, with a twist), and really breathing life into this world.
We will also be introducing two new sister games using the same core system. “Void: The Emptiness”, and “The Wastes: After the End”. These games will have complete worlds and NPC’s, as well as unique perks, flaws, and new supernatural abilities. We hope what we offer will inspire the gaming community. We also hope this new system will make a huge splash in an otherwise stagnant pool of pen and paper games, as well as provide you and your friends a new and memorable experience.
Please join us and lend your support in this monumental transition to the next generation of gaming. We invite you to try out our demo for yourself! It is just a taste of what lies within the extraordinary world of Mechanika. Peruse our art gallery, introduce yourself on Google+, and please feel free to contact us and share your thoughts. After all, we have been working for a long time to share this world with all of you.
M. P. Yorty