Xaos Publishing is a gaming company, based out of Portland Oregon, that started in 2011.  We are new comers to the corporate world but we definitely have experience in the gaming industry! We have been designing, play testing, and freelance writing for over 8 years.  Also we have been playing pen and paper RPG games, of all types, for a combined total of over 25 years.

Features of the Xaos System

Awesome Features
Build any character, artifice item, or spell that you wish. All options are open to you. Expansive template based gameplay.
Jump Right In
Whether you've played Pen & Paper games before or this is your first time; the system is made to start simple & expand.
Full System
The system incorporates a full variety of pass & fail versus a simple system of automatically pass & fail.
Ground Up
This system has been built over 5 years incorporating parts of other systems with new ideas building a brand new system all its own.

Mechanika: Empires of Blood & Steam